Balloons Accessories

Balloons Accessories

Baby Blue Decorative Feathers - 50g
Baby Blue Paper Confetti 100gr
Baby Pink Decorative Feathers - 50g
Baby Pink Paper Confetti 100gr
Balloon garland tape - 5m
Balloon garland tape, 5m
Balloon Plastic Hangers - Accessories
Balloon Ribbon Azalea 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Blue 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Gold 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Pink 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Purple 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Red 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Rosegold 230 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon Silver 1 m x 5 mm
Balloon Ribbon White 1 m x 5mm
Balloon sticks and cups (1 pc)
Balloon Weight Foil Pink 170 g/6 oz
Balloon Weight Foil Silver 170g/6 oz
Black Curling Balloon Ribbon - 1M
Decorative feathers, light pink, 3g
Decorative feathers, white, 3g
Foil balloon weight, dark pink (1 pc)
Foil balloon weight, red (pc.)
Foil balloon weight, sky-blue (1 pc.)
Gold Foil Balloon Weight - 170g
Hand pump, double-sided
Hot Pink Paper Confetti 100gr
Ivory Curling Balloon Ribbon - 1m
Party Genies Balloon Hangers
Pastel colors Paper Confetti 100gr
Plastic ribbon, cream, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, fuchsia, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, gold, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, green apple, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, iridescent, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, pink, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, red, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, silver, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, sky-blue, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, turquoise, 5mm/225m
Plastic ribbon, white, 5mm/225m
Rose Gold Balloon Weight - 170g
Scenery Hangers

Scenery Hangers



Tangerine Curling Balloon Ribbon - 1m
White Paper Confetti 100gr
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